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  • Travaux d'anglais, juin 2015

    Par admin diderot, publié le lundi 1 juin 2015 13:50 - Mis à jour le lundi 1 juin 2015 13:50

    Tâche finale de Courchel Grégoire , 2D élève de M. Gambier

  • Travaux d'anglais_janvier 2015

    Par admin diderot, publié le dimanche 25 janvier 2015 11:32 - Mis à jour le dimanche 25 janvier 2015 11:44

    Voici deux tâches finales d’élèves de TL  dans le cadre de la notion Myths and Heroes. Les élèves devaient faire un pastiche du poème de Dos Passos Prince of Peace.

    Le premier poème a été  écrit par Melle Mandy Fauquembergue, le deuxième par Mlle Chloé Nowicki.

    M. Gambier Ph

    Thanks Youtube!

    Justin Drew

    was born in London, Canada

    his mother started to post his videos on

    Youtube when he was fifteen indeed

    she knew

    that when he sings he is so talented

    She was right in 2008 he was discovered

    by Scooter Braun a famous manager

    He had contacted and after convincing Bieber's mother

    Justin met Usher in Atlanta, Georgia

    He was enchanted ans obsessed by his performance

    whenever he has the opportunity to met someone new, he did

    Justin Bieber released his first album «My World» in 2009

    From this moment his 6 albums reached number one in

    several countries

    He had confidence in himself

    He had confidence in his talent

    He had confidence in glory

    He believed in God

    Justin Bieber believed in God

    Justin Bieber believed in his future

    Justin Bieber believed in his fans

    always worked hard to succeed

    whenever he has time to record a new song he does

    Justin Bieber is the highest-paid teenager of 2013

    and 2014

    Justin Bieber in the most famous teenager of this decade

    He has more than 57 millions followers on Twitter

    He is the most followed person of this social network

    He never stops believing


    Even during his bad moments.

    Mandy Fauquembergue: Terminale L


    Eminem starts from the bottom

    « Rap of God »

    Marshall Mathers

    was born in Kansas-city in the USA, but

    later he was insulted, beaten up

    and humiliated for 7 years until he fell

    into a coma,

    a case which wasn't solved.

    It's in Detroit that his life became a nightmare

    where his childhood was hell

    To continue he had a depressed mom, and his bestfriend

    committed suicide

    he took matters into his own hands despite his handicaps

    Marshall found hope thanks to his daughter's birth

    here, his career began

    he is lucky for the first time,

    he is spotted by the famous Dr Dre

    he is in the turn of his new life

    he is standing stronger than ever.

    Marshall Mathers is standing stronger than ever

    Marshall Mathers is standing on stage

    Marshall Mathers is standing in front of glory ;

    always ready to fight :

    If someone tries to make him fall,

    Marshall Mathers became the greatest rapper in the world

    and again (…)

    Marshall Mathers dedicated 6 albums to his fans

    and his family and his past and his future

    whenever he had a cursed year

    with his slain friend


    But Eminem came back stronger.

    Chloé Nowicki TL

  • Travaux d'Anglais _ Avril 2013

    Par admin diderot, publié le mardi 20 août 2013 11:29 - Mis à jour le lundi 26 août 2013 14:06

    Le document suivant est la production en tâche complexe (finale) de 2 élèves de seconde C et D du lycée DIDEROT : Melle ROUDANE Fatima et Melle ZERRARI Céllia, élèves de M. GAMBIER.

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